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Acoustical ConsultingReduce cost and time to optimize acoustic characteristics.  The OptiNav BeamformX Acoustic Array system allows the user to see acoustic sources for actionable solutions.  Use this system to quickly and accurately identify acoustic sources, paths, and behavior.

  • Diagnose noise sources in machinery and the built environment.

  • Identify propagation paths to inform noise isolation in office and residential structures.

  • Analyze acoustics in performance spaces to optimize the user experience.

Leak DetectionIdentify compressed gas leaks up to 100 meters away.  The OptiNav Leak Detector system provides non-invasive leak and location detection enabling plant managers to reduce hazards, product loss, wasted energy, and environmental degradation.

  • Leak detection and location identification to inform repair location.

  • Quickly and unambiguously spot leaks up to 100 meters away reducing risk to inspectors.

Drone DetectionFind and track multiple drones.  The OptiNav Drone Hound solution uses passive acoustic sensing that tracks multiple drones in a 360° in azimuth and 90° in elevation.  This solution is ideal for government, business and residential facilities where zero emission and low power is required.

  • All-weather solution can isolate drones from other targets and background clutter.

  • Does not rely on radio emissions from the drones.

  • Low power and  infrastructure requirements makes Drone Hound easy to deploy and maintain.

Research Analyze complex acoustic behavior of diverse systems.  Using OptiNav Beamform Interactive software and arrayed transducers, researchers can analyze acoustic sources and propagation in engineering and biological sciences.

  • Elucidate acoustic sources mechanisms, absorption, reverberation, diffraction, and refraction.

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