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Leak Detector Acoustic Camera – Compressed Air leak detection and identification system


Leaks in compressed air systems are a significant source of wasted energy in a compressed air system, often wasting as much as 20-30% of the compressor’s output. Compressed air leaks can also contribute to problems with system operations, including reduce operating life of system components due to excessive system cycling, excess compressor capacity to compensate for leaks, fluctuating or unstable system pressure reducing manufacturing efficeiencies.

Although leaks can occur in any part of the system, the most common problem areas are: couplings, hoses, tubes, fittings, pipe joints, quick disconnects, FRLs (filter, regulator, and lubricator), condensate traps, valves, flanges, packings, thread sealants, and point of use devices.

The OptiNav Leak Detector acoustic camera solution is a flexible, remote, non-intrusive leak detection system that identifies compressed air leaks with a high resolution image.  Leak Detector can be used as a static, monitoring system or a mobile platform.  Leak Detector provides images and video clearly identifying the leak source.

Leak detection
Leak detection
Solution Components


  • OptiNav Beamforming Software designed with robust, proprietary and patent-pending algorithms to deliver precise leak location 

  • Solid-state sensor array module is all in one sensor package with digital microphones, wide FOV cameras, and digital processor

  • OptiNav BeamformX provides real-time and post processed video image with leak source location overlay.

  • OptiNav design services configures components for optimal facility coverage



  • Detect compressed air leaks device within 100 meters (333 feet)

  • Windows 8/10 Compatible

  • Image resolution up to 1080p

  • Real-time and post processing

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