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OptiNav offers powerful Acoustic Imaging products for security, manufacturing, and general purpose applications

BeamformX Acoustic Array – Robust Functional Beamforming

OptiNav offers the innovative BeamformX software with the Signal Interface Group (SIG) ACAM 100 Acoustic Array system as a complete solution for general purpose acoustic imaging.

Leak Detector - Compressed Air leak detection and identification system


The OptiNav Leak Watch solution is a flexible, remote leak detection system that identifies compressed air leaks with a high resolution image.  Leak Watch can be used as a static, monitoring system or a mobile platform.  Leak Watch provides images and video clearly identifing the leak source.

Drone Hound – Drone detection and tracking system

The OptiNav Drone Hound provides spatial awareness by detecting and tracking Small Unmanned Arial (sUA) devices powered or glide controlled.  Drone Hound is a modular design using commercial off the shelf (COTS) components reducing maintenance costs with field replaceable components, and increased reliability using solid state technology.

Beamform Interactive

Beamform Interactive is the robust, full featured beamforming software ideal for research and laboratory applications.


The OptiNav BFLIB software solution is a middleware software component optimized for aeroacoustic applications.

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