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Drone Hound - OptiNav Drone Detection and Tracking System


  • Detect and track powered and glider sUA devices

  • Passive acoustic sensor technology uses no RF emissions

  • Commercial off the shelf hardware simplifies maintenance and support

  • Modular design adaptable to meet coverage requirements

  • Low-cost and extensible

  • Industrial-scale solution




The OptiNav Drone Hound system detects, identifies, and tracks Small Unmanned Aerial (sUA) devices in powered or glide operation.  Drone Hound is a modular design using commercial off the shelf (COTS) components reducing maintenance costs with field replaceable components, and increased reliability using solid state technology. It does not rely on electromagnetic emissions from the sUA or its controller.


The availability of capable, inexpensive sUA devices is rapidly growing with applications including surveillance, delivery, mapping, and real time recording with human-controlled and autonomous flight capabilities.  The need for individuals and organizations to detect and track sUA devices flying over and around their property is increasing as the applications can be extended to illegitimate use cases.  Drone Hound is designed to detect, identify, and track sUA devices whether powered or gliding and whether in man in the loop or autonomous flight.


Using proprietary aeroacoustic beamforming software, Drone Hound can detect and track a sUA device beyond audible range providing information on the type and propulsion used. The Drone Hound system can be integrated with existing security systems to be used as a value added component in the security management.


Solution Components


  • OptiNav Beamforming Software designed with robust, proprietary and patent-pending algorithms to deliver precise sUA spatial location with high detection and low false alarm probabilities

  • Solidstate-sensor array module is all in one sensor package with digital microphones, wide FOV cameras, and digital processor

  • OptiNav BeamformX provides real-time and post processed video image with sUA location overlay.

  • OptiNav design services configures components for optimal security coverage

Drone Hound Specs


  • Coverage:  360 degree in azimuth, 90 degree in in altitude

  • Distance:  Detect drones out to 500 meters

  • Software:  Windows 8 / Windows 10 Compatible

  • Image resolution up to 1080p

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