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OptiNav BeamformX Acoustic Array System with the SIG ACAM 120 


OptiNav offers the innovative BeamformX software with the Signal Interface Group (SIG) ACAM 120 Acoustic Array system as a complete solution for general purpose acoustic imaging.

Plug in the USB cable, install the software, and see useful results within minutes:

  • display acoustic images in real time

  • display the spectrum

  • display the spectrogram, the history
    of the spectrum with intensity encoded as color

  • save raw data for post-processing

  • read and process files of raw data

  • save acoustic videos in mp4 format

  • replay events of interest identified in the spectrogram

  • listen to the sound from a region of interest

  • generate acoustic images for a range of frequencies

  • and much more

acoustic array
OptiNav BeamformX Software

Images, Videos, and Raw Data


BeamformX displays acoustic images in real time, and it optionally saves processed data as mp4 video files.  BeamformX also can save raw data - acoustic data from all microphones, along with images from the optical camera. BeamformX as a post-processing program can process one raw data file with various options and parameters.

Robust Functional Beamforming

  • Beamforming algorithm for the 21st century

  • OptiNav development, patent pending

  • No sidelobes

  • High dynamic range

  • Superresolution

  • Continuous images of continuous sources

  • Faster than conventional beamforming

Signal Interface Group (SIG) ACAM 120 Acoustic Array

The ACAM 120 Acoustic Array has an acoustic camera, an array of 40 digital microphones. The microphones are sampled simultaneously with 24-bit resolution, providing accurate phase and amplitude measurements for beamforming and other digital signal processing algorithms.

Each microphone in the Acoustic Array has a flat frequency response curve, within 3 dB, from 60 Hz to 15 KHz. The microphones return useful information at frequencies up to about 23 KHz, with reduced accuracy. See Frequency Limits for the response limits for beamforming.

ACAM 120 Key Features:

  • 40 digital microphones with 24bit resolution provides accurate phase and amplitude measurments

    • 50hz to 20Khz frequency response​

  • 5M pixel Camera

  • On board processor with 256MB on board memory provides gap free data

  • Noise Isolation

  • Operating temperature 0 to 50 degrees C

  • 40 cm × 40 cm panel

  • USB data and power in one cable

    • USB 2.0 supported​


Learn more about Signal Interface Group ACAM 120 Array

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