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Privacy Policy 


The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is going into effect.  OptiNav’s privacy policy is given below. OptiNav intends to collect and manage personal and institutional data lawfully and in a manner that respects the interests of both OptiNav and its current and potential business partners who provide the information.

Data collection 

If you sign up for the Forum or fill out the Contact page, we will request your name and e-mail address and perhaps other information. If you seek to do business with OptiNav, you may provide, for example, your shipping address and details about your beamforming needs. Your information will be stored by the platform that hosts and may also be transferred to OptiNav computers as needed for processing. Only information that is directly needed for OptiNav’s and your business purposes will be solicited or collected. This information will be protected from disclosure to third parties with the same degree of diligence used to protect OptiNav’s proprietary information. In our world filled with interconnected computers, it is impossible to be sure that it will not be inadvertently disclosed, but we will maintain the highest standards we reasonably can.

Cookies implements cookies on every site built by Wix.  As of May 24 2018 these are: svSession, hs, incap_ses_${Proxy-ID}_${Site-ID}, incap_visid_${Proxy-ID}_${Site-ID}, nlbi_{ID}, XSRF-TOKEN, and smSession.

OptiNav uses google analytics features of Wix and YouTube which entail more cookies.  See

You should be able to use your browser setting to delete the cookies.

Data rights

Your data will be provided to you upon request. If you ask us to delete it, we will do so promptly. 


Data usage

OptiNav will never willingly transfer your data to anyone without your consent. Our mission is engineering and occasionally science. We collect your data to support that mission by soliciting, facilitating and improving our service to you, subject to your approval. We do not seek to profit from selling your information to anyone, and will not do that.  

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